Our logo and our name say it all, we put the pieces together for you!

We are SOLVED.  With us you can consider your situation just that. 

Why? Because we are focused, resourceful, and resilient.  We care about you and your needs and the needs of your business.  Your satisfaction is our main goal.  Take a look and see.  If you do not find what you’re looking for, contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions or provide you with a service proposal.

We are a paramilitary/law-enforcement founded company with security service ranging from uniformed unarmed guards, certified armed guards, to law enforcement-experienced tactical officers. 

Our private investigative service includes special process (deliveries), comprehensive background searches, attorney assistance with criminal and civil case consultations, witness interviews, expert report writing and sworn court testimony, as well as surveillance operations associated with worker compensation fraud, spousal infidelity (cheating cases), and TSCM (also known as bug sweep operations).

With 30 years law enforcement and police investigations experience, and 12 years private security and investigation services, we are driven by the goal of "solving" our clients needs.  Click on the "About Us" page to learn more.  


SOLVED INC was established in 2006, and is licensed in the State of Illinois as both a security guard agency and private detective agency.

Please look at our "Professional Services" pages for a more complete and detailed listing of our services.


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