SOLVED Inc provides our clientele with a wide range of delivery services. A Service of Process (Delivery), can be a risky business for the wrong investigator. The most important objectives when preparing to make a delivery is to have a plan and a contingency plan.

First, the plan should always begin with knowing as much information about the respondent or defendant as possible. Having information about the named recipient is a significant part of every delivery operational. 

Second, should the investigator have a secondary witness or camera to video record the delivery operation? 

Third, is the area of the delivery a higher crime area, and should we use an off-duty law enforcement officer dressed in tactical gear and a police-style squad for optimal visibility and officer safety? 

Finally, should our investigative team coordinate with local law enforcement and treat the delivery as a high risk operation? 

These important questions can go on and on…  What’s most important is the safety of our investigator(s) assigned to the delivery, and second is having a successful delivery on the appropriate named recipeint or household member.

The responsibility of accomplishing these two main objectives belongs to us at SOLVED. We have been retained by many members of the legal community, as well as individual clients, who are all looking for the same conclusion; a successful, safe and credible delivery in order to progress their intended court case without compromise from the want-to-be investigator who has no real sense of strategy or tactical agenda.

Our team of investigators will work together in order to accomplish a successful operation and submit to the clientele the appropriate notarized court affidavit they been patiently waiting for.

·          * Transcripts and Legal Affidavits

·          * Court Summons and Subpoenas

Please contact our office with additional questions regarding our delivery services. We also request whether the delivery is a first, second or subsequent attempt, and any other valuable information that will increase investigator safety.