SOLVED Inc provides our clientele with Electronic Background Checks for a wide-range personal and professional identification searches.

As a licensed P.I. firm, our investigators have access to the highest regarded search engines in the industry. In addition to our existing electronic search categories, our team (with some exceptions) may also have access to records related to State Driving Records, Federal Criminal Records, Federal Civil Records, as well as other traceable or identifiable entities. NOTE: We DO NOT provide live-scan fingerprint or PERC (blue card) services at our facility.

Separate from electronic checks, our team also offers the Physical Search for the clientele that are in need of services related to missing persons, lost relative or acquaintance, applicant based background and credibility screenings, Freedom of Information retrievals not obtainable within our electronic searches, as well as other matters that may be relevant to the Physical Search criteria.

Please contact of office for additional information regarding our electronic background check and physical search services.