SOLVED INC was founded in 2006 by law enforcement professionals.

Our philosophy from the very beginning was to build our company using the same organizational policies and procedures  commonly found in most law enforcement agencies.
The SOLVED organization is essentially operated the same as a law enforcement agency without the government and politics. We screen and hire our off-duty officers based on qualifications, with the expectations that they will provide our clientele with a higher quality service that will keep our company in business. We understand the importance of customer care, effective communication, professional uniform and equipment visibility and a service plan (Standard Operating Procedures) for each specific clientele and site we service.

In many of our existing client service sites, we staff the off-duty law enforcement officers to our client sites with officers from
the jurisdiction or county/municipality where the officer works the streets while on duty. In some jurisdictions we have also employed our officers through the local law enforcement agency, thereby allowing some of these officers to maintain a uniform, radio communication, and a direct coordination to their department.

Since 2006 we have been providing off-duty law enforcement officers to many of our existing clientele, ranging from fast food restaurants, retail and commercial stores, industrial buildings and parking lot patrol duties. Our duties and responsibilities have covered concerns relative to day-laborer soliciting and trespassing issues, labor disputes, internal theft and asset protection, vehicle burglary prevention, robbery as well as many other civil and criminal matters that often prevent, and in many instances
have eliminated general liability claims associated with insufficient security.

Our success was built on maximizing the law enforcement related resources without compromise to governmental obstacles and

political gridlock that can often affect the bottom line, the quality and care of the service!

Please contact our office for additional information on acquiring off-duty law enforcement officer services.