Infidelity / Cheating

Infidelity, or cheating, as it is more commonly known;  is probably one of the more devastating and emotional experiences a person can deal with in their lifetime.


The reason why this is so difficult is because of the uncontrollable waves of uncertainty that directly impact a person’s physiological and psychological changes that can become overwhelming in a relatively short amount of time.


For readers of this website we provide the following signs of a cheater for your review. Note that these signs will not completely confirm nor deny the true identity of a cheater, but they are certainly significant indicators of changed behavior that are usually tied to a root problem that needs to be re-SOLVED!


A change in cell phone habits is one of the most obvious signals:

1. Turns phone off or on vibrate, or hides phone from partner when together.

2. Deletes text messages, call history, voicemails and emails.

3. Blocked or restricted caller ID.

4. Takes unusually extended time to return your missed calls.

5. Refuses to show you or let you use the phone review the phone bill.


A change in personal appearance:

1. Starts using cologne / perfume, or changes cologne / perfume.

2. Changes deodorant, body wash or shaving patterns.

3. A change in hair style or color.

4. Wedding ring is removed. New jewelry habits.

5. Change in clothing habits. Wears nicer/new cloths that may not be their normal style/colors.


Change in personality or behavior:

1. Overly nice or overly confrontational without cause.

2. Gets angry when questioned about suspicions.

3. Decreased emotional or sexual connection. Avoids obvious opportunities to be with partner.

4. Unusual or habitual patterns of a change in plans or arrival.

5. Greater concern for giving unusual excuses. 

6. Decreased attention to family and household responsibilities.

7. Increased attention on separation or breakup.

8. Emotional withdrawal.


Physical evidence leading to suspicion:

1. Unaccounted hair strains or hair colors on clothing or inside vehicle.

2. Unaccounted items of gender found in pockets or vehicle.

3. Finding a second unaccounted phone or electronic tablet.

4. Finding an unusual change of clothing in vehicle, at work or other hidden area.

5. Unaccounted lipstick or perfume transfer on clothing.


Truth be told, these signs mentioned above were collected by private investigators from survey and interviews with the actual cheaters themselves. In fact some of the best techniques our investigators have developed to sustain or exonerate a suspicious partner were educated in part from the guidance of the cheaters.  “It takes one to know one” is the unfortunate advantage of our PI industry.


When you contact our office, immediately inform that this is an infidelity (Cheating) case so we can minimize the preliminary questions and protect your confidentiality before your case is assigned to a PI.


The best way to validate or in some cases vindicate your suspicious partner is through an investigation. 


A written confidentiality agreement and service retainer will be required before service can be performed. All items of evidentiary value, pictures, video, transcripts, reports, are included with service at no additional charge.