SOLVED provides professional security and risk management assessments with written recommendation and policy development.


Our team of research and training professionals can perform a complete physical walkthrough assessment to determine what area(s) of your business need improvement from a safety and security standpoint.


Taking a proactive approach to safety and work related injury prevention is the single most important responsibility of every business. Waiting until an employee or a customer makes a claim of injury on your premise is not only perceived as negligence for safety concerns, but more importantly the consequences can be irreversible and permanent on the injured party.


Taking the proper steps to ensure safety before injury occurs will ultimately have a substantial positive impact on the following complications.   


  • Increased Worker Compensation Insurance Premiums.
  • Increased General liability Insurance Premiums.
  • Loss of productivity in your workplace.
  • Lowered morale among your employee base. 
  • Increases opportunity for fraudulent injury claims.
  • Increased disability claims.
  • Additional expenses associated with employee downtime, inoperable or disabled equipment, delayed services, poor reputation and damage control measures.


Our research team will provide you with a written assessment and recommendations that can be used as a management guide to better safety and lower risk. We can also prepare draft written policy(ies) or procedure(s) for your review that can be tailored to accommodate your needs. Whether it is an educational institution, retail outlet, industrial plant, grocery store, parking lot or restaurant; we can provide you with the best solution for countering risk, liability and injury claims.


Please contact our office for additional information related to security and risk assessment services that are performed by our research and training team.