SOLVED provides live and post-tracking Global Positioning System (GPS) operations.


The use of GPS technology has given law enforcement and private investigative agencies the advantage of equipment based surveillance methods that can be used as an assisting tool when it comes to tracking inventory, vehicles, travel habits, minors, spousal cheaters, etc… without burdening staffing levels or paying out excessive and unnecessary business expenses or misfortunes.


Truth be told, the cost to implement a GPS service or operation is minimal compared to endless and painful consequences that follow from the loss of a loved one or the theft of a piece of valued equipment or vehicle.


Our team of private investigators is mandated by a strict code of confidentiality with all our clientele. We strongly encourage our clients maintain the same level of confidentiality in order for us to establish and deliver the best service possible.


Please contact our office for additional questions regarding all our GPS services and operations.  Because each case is handled differently, the cost of the service or operations will be discussed by our management team.




  • A business can maintain tracking records that can be used to compare fleet travel times, operator neglect, and safety enforcement.
  • A domestic partner can detect betrayal and infidelity on their partner.
  • A parent can verify the traveling habits of their children.
  • GPS equipped vehicles and equipment can be easier located when stolen.
  • GPS equipped persons can be easier located when lost or missing.