Counter surveillance is basically the measure taken against an ongoing (active or inactive) investigation or monitoring activity. If you feel that you or a loved one may be a victim to being secretly videotaped or perhaps you are suspicious that someone has placed a hidden audio transmitter (listening device) on or near your telephone, then having our team perform a “room sweep” as we call it, of your suspected target area(s) of your home or business. This recommendation is the best professional advice for increasing self-confidence and restoring a sound peace of mind. It is unfortunate that many people and businesses must take great measures in protecting their personal and professional information. As an experienced and successful licensed private detective agency, we understand that the leakage of confidential or trade secret information can destroy your professional success and personal reputation.


SOLVED Investigations wants you and your business to thrive, and protecting your private information is our goal. Using the latest technical equipment, we will utilize all our expertise and resources to detect eavesdropping equipment that may be hidden in your office of home.  Having the burden of worrying whether or not you are being videotaped or recorded on audio will eventually lead to increased levels of anxiety, even paranoia, as well as other potentially long-term serious and expensive medical complications. Having our team of investigator(s) perform a counter-surveillance sweep is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get your live back on the right track.  


Most Typical Reasons for a Counter-Surveillance Sweep:

  • Domestic relationships involving divorce, separation, stalking and harassment.
  • Business Relationships involving betrayal, dishonestly and stealing.
  • Financial Disclosures and Legal Advantages.
  • Protecting New Products and Client Distribution Information.
  • Protecting Trade Secret, Confidentiality and Non-compete Agreements.


Don’t try to conduct your own counter surveillance investigation. Leave this professional task to our team of investigators.


Please contact our office for additional information regarding counter-surveillance services.  DO NOT contact our office from inside the suspected area or room that may be infected with an eavesdropping device. We maintain a strict confidentiality clause with our clientele. We recommend that our clientele keep our service arrangement confidential as well.