SOLVED is a full-service security company providing our clientele with professionally trained and qualified armed and unarmed uniformed security guard personnel.


All SOLVED security guards are put through a rigorous screening and hiring process.  Applicants are then subject to criminal background checks, drug testing, a fingerprint verification and security clearance process.  Applicants must meet all State Administrative Code requirements for training and licensing as described under Section 35-30 of the Illinois Department of Financial Professional Regulations (IDFPR).


Our guards also receive classroom training, on-site training, and ongoing and updated remedial training during their employment at SOLVED Inc.  Additionally, we understand the necessity of guard/site compatibility measures, along with the applicability of any bona fide work requirement challenges.


This aggressive process only ensures that we are providing our clientele with the highest quality of professional security and prevention services.

  • Retail Stores and Door Guard Service,
  • Parking Lot Patrol Duties,
  • Restaurant Settings,
  • Financial Institutions,
  • Industrial Facilities,  
  • Event Staffing and Crowd Control,
  • Traffic Enforcement Details,
  • Vacant and Foreclosed Building Protection Services,
  • Sports Venues,

Our SOLVED management team is accessible 24 hours a day (7 days a week) to all our clientele. We are dedicated to a strict code of ethics. We strongly believe in complete honesty and integrity in our service. Our staff members are determined to give our clientele the best service possible.

Please contact our office for additional information regarding any of our armed or unarmed security guard services.